How do you know what your purpose is?

What makes you angry?  What brings you to tears?  What gives you joy?  What excites you?  What moves you deeply inside?  Reread this list of questions.  Pay attention to what stirs in your emotions and mind when you dwell on each one. Let me give you an example.  When you're watching specific scenes in movies, … Continue reading How do you know what your purpose is?

Have men gotten scared of properly pursuing a woman?

With all of this 'independent woman' and role reversal in the past recent years happening, have men gotten simply scared of properly pursuing a woman?  Have women gotten to the point of finding a man's advances as wrong behavior?  I've had several answers from many men, and the resounding similarity in their answers is that they're … Continue reading Have men gotten scared of properly pursuing a woman?

What has happened to chivalry?

It is 2018.  The age of women's empowerment!  And seemingly the age of the death of old-world chivalry, especially in the world of dating and courtship (which seems to have died as well). Throughout history, men have traveled oceans for, fought wars for, killed and died for a woman they loved.  Men, were the pursuers, … Continue reading What has happened to chivalry?

Take the step forward…

There is a lot to be said in life about taking the step or steps forward, even when you do not know where the path will lead.  The unknowns, for most, are scary nervous places filled with worry and fear.  However, if you can only learn to change your mindset and think of the wondrous possibilities … Continue reading Take the step forward…