Video Blog “vlog” slow to upload!

Hello everyone!  I am SO sorry that my video blog “vlog” is not uploaded yet!  I have found that when you have an extremely sllllllloooooooooooooowwwwwww internet connection, it is nearly impossible to upload a video onto YouTube, unless it’s from my iPhone, then it’s like instantaneous!  So, this short blog is to beg your forgiveness!  I did make a vlog, I promise!  I am trying, for the 4th time to upload it… I am going to attempt one other way to upload it as well… I’ll let you know once I figure out the best way possible.

Anyone out there in internet land know of any better ways??  Please help!!!

Sonya's "I'm Sorry" face!
This is my "I'm Sorry" face! 😦


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