Ziplining Adventure!

Hi, I’m Sonya… She Idealist.

QUESTION: What adventure should I go on next?! Any great suggestions??

With the warm 60 degree weekend, I took it as my adventure weekend! I documented my Ziplining Adventure so that you could all experience a bit of it with me!! ūüôā A lot of you asked me to give my rating of it… so you got it… I give it a TWO THUMBS UP!! It was a blast, and definitely worth doing. Go for it! I went through Adventure Works in Kingston Springs, TN.


Frisbee Golf!

The Adventures of Sonya… She Idealist! ūüôā

QUESTION: Have you ever played Frisbee Golf??

Today I was invited out (with the boys) to play frisbee golf, which I have never done before. Unfortunately I hurt my knee just the night before – pulled a muscle or tendon and had been incing & heating it repeatedly all night & morning. However, I am far too competitive and agreed as long as they would help me walk the course… or carry me… (which they did!) and I played. The course was set up as Par 3, meaning it SHOULD take you 3 shots to make it in. I averaged 5 (sometimes 4) on every hole. Not too bad taking into account my “girl handicap”, plus my injury, plus this being my first time EVER throwing a frisbee golf disc. I think I did quite well & am very proud of myself!!

Once I am fully healed up, oh it’s on again! REMATCH!!

Amongst all of my “meaningful” video blogs, I also wanted to bring you all into my little life adventures! Many people have created a “Bucket List” of things they want to accomplish before they die. Well, in my mind that could be any day of your life… so why not do them now!?


Important Things #7 Set Goals

Sorry everyone ~ my daughter has been home sick for an entire week & I have not been blogging! ūüė¶

Wow, this blog timing is¬†impeccable! ¬†I just attended a conference put on my the Tom Black Center for Sales Excellence called $alesCamp 2011 this past Saturday. ¬†Several of the speakers, including Tom Black himself, talked on how to Set Goals. ¬†What great notes I took, which is now considered “research” for this blog entry!¬† hahaha ¬†This conference brought back into my mind an entire childhood life being raised by a mother who ingrained into my mind the books, tapes, and videos of top motivational speakers and sales & life coaches such as Zig Ziglar, Dale Carnegy and Anthony Robbins. ¬†Oh, and does ANYBODY else besides my family know of the Zig Ziglar Singers!? ¬†We listened to his songs EVERYDAY growing up!!! ¬†I am not joking AT ALL!! ¬†Songs such as “Poor Boiled Bullfrog” and “Mister Mediocroty”… wow, I miss those songs! ¬†If anyone can locate a copy of that tape, since my mother cannot find hers anymore, I promise we will buy it from you & you will be my new best friend!!!!

Goals are absolutely essential to success in life! ¬†One of my favorite motivational speakers, second to Zig Ziglar, is a tall guy by the name of Anthony Robbins. ¬†I have went through his CD set, “Personal Power II – The Driving Force” several times throughout my life. ¬†The first thing you learn is that what changes your life is making decisions and using your ability to take consistent action on those decisions. ¬†He teaches that in order to have success you must first know your outcome = set goals! ¬†Be specific when you set your goals. ¬†Write down just a few (like 3) short term, very reachable goals. ¬†Then, you have to get yourself to take action by deciding to do so. ¬†Write down the steps, backwards, that it will take to accomplish those specific goals, then start from the beginning baby step. ¬†Take it step by step, and it’s easy! ¬†Thirdly, he asks you to pay attention and notice what you’re getting from your actions. ¬†If what you’re doing is not working, well then simply change your approach! ¬†Bringing in role models / mentors into your life will save you time and energy and accelerate your success. ¬†What is a role model / mentor? ¬†Someone who is already successfully doing what it is you want to do. ¬†Ask them what they are doing… do the same things! ¬†Ideally, you will start heading towards getting the same results!

I could reference a list of books that you can read… there are SO many!! ¬†Some of my favorites are: “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey, “Good To Great” by Jim Collins, “See You At The Top” by Zig Ziglar, ¬†“The Dip” by Seth Godin.

QUESTION:  What are your favorite books for goals and/or life success??

CHALLENGE: ¬†Share your story on setting goals & the success you gained from it… be a motivating force for someone else who may read it here!

I hope this brief writing on setting goals has inspired you to do just that!  It has me.  I have my detailed short term goals written down & I am tackling them one-by-one!  I have been working on staying focussed on my goals, no matter my circumstances.  How I will go about attaining my goals may need tweaking or readjusting, yet circumstances do NOT keep me from arriving at your goals.  They may just make them a bit more challenging to get!  And all the more rewarding once I get them NO MATTER WHAT!

Focus on your goals... Just don't get caught focusing! ūüôā

Until next time… Have a fantastic day!

ūüôā Sonya… She Idealist


Redo of Vlog #1 ~ fixed it with video editing!


Vlog ~ Finding The People I Love! :-)


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Important Things #6 Find People You Love

I challenge you to find people you love and make sure they know how valued & appreciated they are to you!  Surrounding yourself with people you love (family, friends, spouse, children) can have the highest impact on your life.  Let me give you a few examples of why I think this holds true.

  • There are countless stories in history where someone give up their life, in order to save someone that they love from peril.
  • When a man or woman falls in love, they will do nearly anything for that person, including risking their life.
  • A person will work 1000% harder than he has ever worked for his own needs, just to provide for his loved ones.
  • Professional sports players, actors, musicians, and award winners all give thanks to their family and loved ones after each success.
  • People find the courage and will to keep going in near-death situations, because of their love for their closest loves ones.

These are only a few examples of situations that back up the importance of family and friends to have near you. ¬†Near is not¬†necessarily¬†a physical distance. ¬†My family is far far away from where I live in TN. ¬†Most of my family lives in California still, where I am from. ¬†Having them emotionally close is so vital to my happiness, as is the same with everyone. Building a closeness with friends is extremely valuable as they can stand in that gap for your family. ¬†My closest friends have created that “family” for me here. ¬†Without them, I would not be where I am now.

So, find those people you love.  Find a way to tell them you love them, value them, appreciate them, and will do whatever you can for them.  Create an inner circle of people you love in your life.  Your happiness and success depends on it!!

To all of my personal family and friends. ¬†Know that I love you and care for you deeply!! ¬†Mom & Dad, and all of my siblings (yes, there’s a lot of us!) and families… I miss you dreadfully!!! ¬†I will find a way to get back out to visit as soon as I can! ¬†xoxoxoxo ¬†To all of my close friends here in TN, I am so grateful to have you in my life. ¬†There are not enough words to describe the thankfulness I have for you all. ¬†You are my local family… I love you.

My goofy sisters & I

Until next time, everyone needs to SMILE!!!  It looks good on you!

ūüôā Sonya… She Idealist.


Vlog #2 ~ Thank you for following :-)

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Important Things #5 Have a Sense of Wonder!

Most adults can find wonder in large¬†magnificent¬†things such as a beautifully painted sunrise or sunset, or the birth of a new baby. ¬†My children find wonder in the simplest things such as a puddle in a parking lot, an unusual bug on the sidewalk, a funny shaped cloud, a new way to fold a paper airplane; their list is endless. ¬†For some reason, as we “grow up” we seemingly loose our ability to find wonder and awe in daily¬†occurrences. ¬†How can you boost your happiness in life? ¬†Have a sense of wonder again!

Radnor Lake, in the spring!
Radnor Lake, during one of my walks.

I happen to live closely to Radnor Lake, here in Nashville, TN. ¬†This small lake is a hidden oasis, in my opinion, and I love walking and¬†exercising¬†on it’s trails¬†all throughout the spring, summer and fall months. ¬†I have found that finding wonder and getting closer to nature really do go hand in hand. ¬†By simply walking along the absolutely beautiful trails of Radnor Lake in the mornings, I get the opportunity to soak in such beauty. ¬†Some mornings I walk alongside families of deer, who poke their heads up from eating just to watch me walk by… no running away… just a simple wink of their eyes, as if I belonged there 5 feet from them. ¬†Other mornings I just stop in mid-step at the sun streaming in between the vast tree tops, lighting up the walking path with such amazing colors! ¬†And don’t even get me started on the colors of the spring & fall in those hills!! ¬†If you have any place you can get to, even weekly, to take a walk on the grass in your bare feet, picnic in the park, hike in the hills… do it! ¬†The breathtaking beauty of God’s nature is enough to teach you how to cultivate a child-hood new sense of wonder all over again.

You may find that things even back in the city life will seem a bit more beautiful. ¬†Open your eyes and see what shapes your imagination can find in the clouds in the sky. ¬†Maybe you will even be tempted to puddle jump in the parking lot after the next rain! ūüôā

Sonya... puddle jumping!

When your sense of wonder grows, your gratefulness grows.  This simple step is a great way to boost your happiness anytime, any day.  I look forward to hearing about your awe and wonder stories!

ūüôā Sonya… She Idealist.


Important Things #4 Find a new perspective

Find a new perspective... a new way to look at and see things...

A major difference between idealism and realism is merely the way that those people look at things; their perspective. ¬†If you can get yourself to find a new perspective to happenings and things in life, you can change your whole attitude. ¬†That my friend is a huge step towards being happy! ¬†(Which is what this blog is all about by the way… bringing idealism & happy back into the world… just in case you forgot. hahaha) ūüėČ

When it comes to photography (I’m a photographer for those of you who don’t know that…, taking a picture from a different angle (or perspective) makes ALL the difference for an amazingly captured shot. ¬†When you are looking at something in your life that doesn’t look so great, or even looks absolutely horrible, maybe you simply need to find a new perspective. ¬†Like a detective would do in a case attempting to be solved, try looking at it from every possible angle you can imagine. ¬†When you run out of angles… ask someone else for their perspective. ¬†Sometimes things are much harder to see when you’re stuck “inside” of them. ¬†Seeing it from someone’s perspective on the “outside” of the issue may shed new light on it and help you find that new angle to see it from.

One thing that always marvels me is the way children have such an untainted view of things. ¬†So very black and white; un-grayed by life’s stressful clouds. ¬†Sometimes we add our own stress and negative junk onto/into life’s situations ourselves, out of habit of being stressed out or from left-over emotions negative situations. ¬†From someone who has been in many “negative situations” in my life, hear me out. ¬†Grey clouds sucks! ¬†Golly gee… think of those days full of nothing but gloomy grey skies and how even that can dampen a gleeful mood. ¬†Who wants that constantly over them? ¬†Heck, who wants that even every once in a while over them?! ¬†Sometimes things truly can be as black and white as they were when we were a child… before life got in the way.

Here is my challenge for you today: Try simply stepping sideways, out of your worry. ¬†It’s difficult at times, and believe it or not, YOU yourself will likely be your biggest obstacle to push out of your way. ¬†YOU will be the one fighting to hold onto your worry and your stress. ¬†Why? ¬†Because it’s comfortable. ¬†You’re used to it being there. ¬†As said so¬†eloquently¬†in My Fair Lady – in my analogy, using it pertaining to stress and worry –¬†perhaps you’ve “become¬†accustomed¬†to [it’s] face.”

Even in the Bible we find in Matthew 11:25-30 that Jesus urges those who seem to constantly struggle to find rest in Him… His Yoke is easy, he says. His Burden is light. ¬†Speaking of Yokes (a tool, hitching at least two oxen together side-by-side), you could and should allow your friends to also be there for you. ¬†God uses people to do His work… and He can and will work through those around you, so allow it. ¬†They (your friends) want to be there for you, they want to help. ¬†So, I urge you, when you are having a grey day, or week, or month, or year…. reach up to God, and reach out to those around you to help you in finding that new perspective, which will in turn lighten your worry and stress, lightening your load.

What have I done on this point #4 Find a new perspective?

Well, I have dropped all pride I have down at my feet, and have opened up to my friends and those around me. ¬†I have allowed others to mentor and help me in the areas that I need new perspective, and a different set of eyes then my own. ¬†They have helped me greatly in those areas, to see what I may not have had my eyes opened to without their gentle and loving push, showing me it’s right there in front of me. ¬†Or as some friends will put it… “Hey stupid, it’s right there!” ¬†hahaha ¬†Those friends truly love you!!! ūüėÄ ¬†There is nothing wrong, I have learned this past year, allowing people to help you. ¬†Just as much as it brings you joy to help others, you rob others of joy when you don’t allow them to do for you sometimes.

Side note: Never stop doing for others! ¬†This world revolves in a circle, and so should giving. ¬†“What goes around comes around.”

–> Now I ask you to tell me what you have done, or what can you do, to find a new perspective? ¬†I cannot wait to hear your stories, ideas, suggestions.

Until tomorrow, my friends… I bid you adieu.

ūüôā Sonya… She Idealist.


Important Things #3 Follow Your Heart

How many times have you been told, when trying to make a decision, to “just follow your heart?” ¬†This advise is probably some of the soundest you can receive, as your heart looks out for YOU, and will rarely steer you wrong. ¬†However, to many of us, simply “following our heart” may seem reckless at times. ¬†It may not seem logical or sensible and far too emotionally driven to be the right corse of action. ¬†Here’s my thoughts: To follow your heart is to listen to your conscience. ¬†For most people – evil-doers excluded – following your heart is doing what is right… what feels right. ¬†Another term for this could be, following your intuition or your gut instinct. ¬†“What does your gut tell you?” ¬†(Okay, that kind of makes me giggle and think of a man’s belly gurgling! hahaha ¬†I know… I am such a little girl at times! ¬†LOL Hey, this school-girl silly side is part of what makes me… ME!)

(Serious face back on….) ūüôā

One immediate benefit from following your heart, in making decisions, over purely logical decisions is that you will have much more piece of mind in your decision. ¬†Likely you will choose things that align with your true hearts’ desires and will be more fulfilled in those choices. ¬†Following your heart is vital in every decision in your life. ¬†From choosing your life-mate, to choosing a career you will be happy in, to choosing where you will live.

Building good intuition to follow, I believe is just that… a building process. ¬†You will likely make many mistakes, and from those you step back and evaluate what happened and where you chose wrong… knowing not to go down that path again! LOL ¬†A very valuable tool, that will save you MANY heart-aches and un-needed mistakes is a good mentor. ¬† Someone who has already built success in the area you are wanting to pursue or in the area you are trying to make a decision. ¬†They can help with the logical steps… and will ease your mind greatly when it is time to “follow your heart” and make your choice. ¬†The more you walk in the direction of making choices, you will get better at making them. ¬†As with anything, practice pushes you closer to perfection.

Some things you should put into your life, to make “following your heart” simpler to do:

  • Positive Affirmations – Have you ever heard “good in, good out… bad in, bad out?” ¬†Well, I strongly believe it’s true! ¬†So, think positive! ¬†Listen to motivational positive things, read books along these lines; it will shape your subconscious and in no-time you will be thinking good thoughts… even about your decisions.
  • Courage to make a start – You can do it! ¬†Believe in yourself! Try small new things to build your confidence in your abilities. ¬†Why not you!?
  • Forgiveness – You may not think that this fits into this category, I disagree. ¬†Forgiving others, regardless of their forgiveness or efforts, releases such a heavy burden from your heart! ¬†And you will feel better about your heart and following it.

You’re not alone! ¬†We are doing this together!! ¬†So…. let’s take the first step! ¬†And…. S T E P!!!! ¬†Did you do it? ¬†It’s snowing outside, so you should be able to see the step! HAHA ¬†ūüėČ ¬†See you a few steps down the walk!!!

Again ~ remember that this is a Challenge! ¬†I expect to hear your remarks, your triumphs, your stories!!! ¬†I am getting a lot of private emails from many people with their comments… be brave people! ¬†I am pouring my thoughts & heart out publicly, let me hear your comments RIGHT HERE publicly in my blog. ¬†xoxoxoxo LOVE YOU ALL!!!

ūüôā Sonya… She Idealist.