Important Things #2 Show Up

Sometimes the biggest and hardest step is to make the initial step to simply Show Up!  Sometimes it takes great courage and bravery to move beyond any fears, insecurities, worries, doubts… and walk out your front door.  We have all had those moments.  Those moments when you finally got up the nerve to go and you showed up… and it wasn’t that big of a deal at all!  Or when you went and it was a huge deal, and you cannot believe you actually had the gull to go through with it!

Believe me when I tell you, from someone who has been let down over and over again by people, it means a lot when someone simply shows up!  Be that one… the one that people can count on to show up.  People appreciate it SO greatly!  Just make the move… push beyond even the silliest laziness and show up.

What have I personally done on this point this week?  Well, today as an example – my children are out of school on snow day #3!!!  Oh how warm my blankets & sheets were early this morning!  How easy would it be to call my 8am appointment at a clients house and reschedule, or my 11:30am interview due to the weather or my children?!  Instead, I was on the phone with my 8am, making sure they’d be there still…. nope!  They rescheduled and now I have to work later this afternoon to meet with them… my children will be at that appointment with me… my client will understand… and will be happy that I will be there no matter what!  For my 11:30 interview, thankfully I have a trusted girl friend stepping in as Auntie for the couple hours so I will be there dressed & A-game on! 🙂  Then… back home… maybe even some snow sledding in the afternoon!?  🙂

What can you do to Show Up??  I want to hear your comments!

One thought on “Important Things #2 Show Up

  1. Although I really didn’t want to I went to my men’s prayer breakfast at 7:00 Saturday. A fellow republican with strong political views also attends. He was one of my staunchest ADVESARIES in my senate race this year. We had very strong words and i did not want to deal with him again. It’s amazing how the Lord put that all behind us simply because I “showed up”. Keep ip the great writing Sonya!!

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