Important Things #4 Find a new perspective

Find a new perspective... a new way to look at and see things...

A major difference between idealism and realism is merely the way that those people look at things; their perspective.  If you can get yourself to find a new perspective to happenings and things in life, you can change your whole attitude.  That my friend is a huge step towards being happy!  (Which is what this blog is all about by the way… bringing idealism & happy back into the world… just in case you forgot. hahaha) 😉

When it comes to photography (I’m a photographer for those of you who don’t know that…, taking a picture from a different angle (or perspective) makes ALL the difference for an amazingly captured shot.  When you are looking at something in your life that doesn’t look so great, or even looks absolutely horrible, maybe you simply need to find a new perspective.  Like a detective would do in a case attempting to be solved, try looking at it from every possible angle you can imagine.  When you run out of angles… ask someone else for their perspective.  Sometimes things are much harder to see when you’re stuck “inside” of them.  Seeing it from someone’s perspective on the “outside” of the issue may shed new light on it and help you find that new angle to see it from.

One thing that always marvels me is the way children have such an untainted view of things.  So very black and white; un-grayed by life’s stressful clouds.  Sometimes we add our own stress and negative junk onto/into life’s situations ourselves, out of habit of being stressed out or from left-over emotions negative situations.  From someone who has been in many “negative situations” in my life, hear me out.  Grey clouds sucks!  Golly gee… think of those days full of nothing but gloomy grey skies and how even that can dampen a gleeful mood.  Who wants that constantly over them?  Heck, who wants that even every once in a while over them?!  Sometimes things truly can be as black and white as they were when we were a child… before life got in the way.

Here is my challenge for you today: Try simply stepping sideways, out of your worry.  It’s difficult at times, and believe it or not, YOU yourself will likely be your biggest obstacle to push out of your way.  YOU will be the one fighting to hold onto your worry and your stress.  Why?  Because it’s comfortable.  You’re used to it being there.  As said so eloquently in My Fair Lady – in my analogy, using it pertaining to stress and worry – perhaps you’ve “become accustomed to [it’s] face.”

Even in the Bible we find in Matthew 11:25-30 that Jesus urges those who seem to constantly struggle to find rest in Him… His Yoke is easy, he says. His Burden is light.  Speaking of Yokes (a tool, hitching at least two oxen together side-by-side), you could and should allow your friends to also be there for you.  God uses people to do His work… and He can and will work through those around you, so allow it.  They (your friends) want to be there for you, they want to help.  So, I urge you, when you are having a grey day, or week, or month, or year…. reach up to God, and reach out to those around you to help you in finding that new perspective, which will in turn lighten your worry and stress, lightening your load.

What have I done on this point #4 Find a new perspective?

Well, I have dropped all pride I have down at my feet, and have opened up to my friends and those around me.  I have allowed others to mentor and help me in the areas that I need new perspective, and a different set of eyes then my own.  They have helped me greatly in those areas, to see what I may not have had my eyes opened to without their gentle and loving push, showing me it’s right there in front of me.  Or as some friends will put it… “Hey stupid, it’s right there!”  hahaha  Those friends truly love you!!! 😀  There is nothing wrong, I have learned this past year, allowing people to help you.  Just as much as it brings you joy to help others, you rob others of joy when you don’t allow them to do for you sometimes.

Side note: Never stop doing for others!  This world revolves in a circle, and so should giving.  “What goes around comes around.”

–> Now I ask you to tell me what you have done, or what can you do, to find a new perspective?  I cannot wait to hear your stories, ideas, suggestions.

Until tomorrow, my friends… I bid you adieu.

🙂 Sonya… She Idealist.

By Sonya Mae

I am a very unique breed of person. If you ask my mother, she would say that I am a very old spirit who should have been born in the 40's or 50's. I love old womens' fashion...when women dressed like women! If you ask my daddy, he would say I am the biggest dressed up tom-boy he knows, who is way too into cars and climbing trees! I was a ballet dancer and choreography major in college until 20yrs old when I retired due to a neck injury. Besides still dancing through ballroom, latin & swing styles, my current passions are cars (seriously...I took 4 yrs of auto shop, and drool at the sound of a loud engine rumble!), fashion & interior design, and creating moments that last!

I love helping people find their strengths! Finding their happiness and their smile! (Everyone looks amazing when they smile!) I love showing people how to be genuinely happy by simply changing their mindsets and attitudes. I do these things in as many ways as I can, using many mediums. As well showing people how they too can do something they may not have thought they could. there's a will, there's a way!

I am a mother of two (2) amazing children, who make my life beyond blessed, and I always do my best for them. I love to spend as much time with them as I can and want them always to be learning... I am very proud of them! And, GOD comes first & foremost in my life!!!

I am...
Sonya Mae aka SheIdealist

2 replies on “Important Things #4 Find a new perspective”

I was driving home from a trade show a few years ago. The show was slow and I was tired and feeling very sorry for myself having been recently divorced. As God would have it I was moved to give a poor guy a ride for a couple of hours. As we talked I learned he had been through what to me seemed like hell. He was homeless and told how you could move around in wal- mart for 20 hours if you did it right to keep from freezing to death on those frigid nights he couldn’t find anyplace to sleep. He had everything he owned in a trash bag he carried on his back. His stories went on and were truly tragic yet he was happier that day than me!! He asked me about my life and I told him of my kids, home, business and such. You could see the awe in his eyes for what he (really He) told me was a wonderful life. Talk about looking at things from a different perspective!!

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