Frisbee Golf!

The Adventures of Sonya… She Idealist! 🙂

QUESTION: Have you ever played Frisbee Golf??

Today I was invited out (with the boys) to play frisbee golf, which I have never done before. Unfortunately I hurt my knee just the night before – pulled a muscle or tendon and had been incing & heating it repeatedly all night & morning. However, I am far too competitive and agreed as long as they would help me walk the course… or carry me… (which they did!) and I played. The course was set up as Par 3, meaning it SHOULD take you 3 shots to make it in. I averaged 5 (sometimes 4) on every hole. Not too bad taking into account my “girl handicap”, plus my injury, plus this being my first time EVER throwing a frisbee golf disc. I think I did quite well & am very proud of myself!!

Once I am fully healed up, oh it’s on again! REMATCH!!

Amongst all of my “meaningful” video blogs, I also wanted to bring you all into my little life adventures! Many people have created a “Bucket List” of things they want to accomplish before they die. Well, in my mind that could be any day of your life… so why not do them now!?

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