Important Things #10 ~ Pamper Yourself

Well okay, if I must! ¬†But only because it's for my blog! ūüėõ Happiness is created inside of yourself. ¬†You need to first take care of yourself, and every once in a while allow yourself the privilege and leeway to pamper yourself. ¬†You deserve it!! Pampering yourself doesn't have to be¬†extravagant, expensive, or even take … Continue reading Important Things #10 ~ Pamper Yourself

Important Things #9 ~ Dance!

Oh what a fabulous post I get to make today!!! ¬†Dance!!!!! ¬†For anyone who knows me personally, you already know that dance is my inner most passion. ¬†Dance is what I always wanted to do professionally, until a neck injury stopped my dancing at 20 years old. ¬†It has taken me until just these past … Continue reading Important Things #9 ~ Dance!

Important Things #8 ~ Help others

Have you seen that commercial on TV where one person does a random act of kindness... someone see's it, and it inspires them to do something nice for a stranger... and it keeps going & going just because a single person notices something that one other person does out of kindness? ¬†It's a great commercial. … Continue reading Important Things #8 ~ Help others