Important Things #10 ~ Pamper Yourself

Well okay, if I must! ¬†But only because it’s for my blog! ūüėõ

Happiness is created inside of yourself.  You need to first take care of yourself, and every once in a while allow yourself the privilege and leeway to pamper yourself.  You deserve it!!

Pampering yourself doesn’t have to be¬†extravagant, expensive, or even take up a lot of time. ¬†It can be as simple as a hot bubble bath, stopping by that store you’ve been wishing to and taking an extra 10 minutes to window shop and wish upon a star for that amazing outfit (maybe even trying it on), or spending the $10 to have your eyebrows waxed instead of having to pluck them all on your own. ¬†Okay, men… I realized that my list in that previous sentence was aimed at us ladies. ¬†So for you guys, take 10 minutes to just relax in the evening all by yourself… sit in your favorite chair and just chill with no noise or distractions (ah sweet silence)… it’s okay to want that sometimes! ¬†Go a little out of your way on your drive home from work and give yourself the freedom to look at that new car or motorcycle that you have been drooling over (maybe go for a test drive), even if you will not be getting it anytime soon, we all need goals to shoot for! ¬†There are so many things that can go onto this list of regret free ways to give to yourself little by little.

Never underestimate how deeply the simple pleasures in life will impact your mood, your spirit, your well-being. ¬†Life is made up of moments, so why not create a few moments just for yourself. ¬†Your happiness is worth it because when you are happy then you are healthier, more confident, more energetic, have less stress bogging you down, and are a better person to others around you. ¬†This is a “win-win” for everyone! ¬†If you are the type of person who feels guilty even giving yourself 5 minutes to sit down, then remember this: to pamper yourself is really for the good of those around you!

QUESTION: Do you feel guilty pampering yourself at all?

CHALLENGE: You deserve it, and those around you deserve you to be happy so that you can be a better person for and to them… so do not wait even until tomorrow. ¬†Find a way, any way, to pamper yourself TODAY! ¬†And tell me how you did it! ¬†Share your ideas with us all!!! ūüôā

A happier pampered gal signing off!

Sonya… She Idealist.


Important Things #9 ~ Dance!

Sonya... She Idealist ~ SwingDancing
Sonya... She Idealist ~ Twirling around the floor!

Oh what a fabulous post I get to make today!!!  Dance!!!!!  For anyone who knows me personally, you already know that dance is my inner most passion.  Dance is what I always wanted to do professionally, until a neck injury stopped my dancing at 20 years old.  It has taken me until just these past 4 years now to get into dancing again.  This time however it is not ballet I am dancing; I am now dancing ballroom, swing, latin, and any other couples dance that you can think of.

Sonya... She Idealist ~ Latin Dancing

Dancing has SO MANY benefits for you! ¬†Dancing helps your heath. ¬†It adds to your flexibility, strength, and endurance. ¬†Also, did you know that dancing the night away can burn more calories per hour than riding a bike or swimming?? Now you all know how I stay so thin!! haha! ūüôā

Dancing is a social activity… and I personally believe that being socially active promotes a strong self-confidence as well as positive outlook. ¬†Dancing provides many opportunities to meet other people and make new friends as well. ¬†With dancing being such a physical activity, it truly assists your body in relieving itself of stress!!! ¬†I can back that up personally. ¬†Whenever I am under any extreme amounts of stress, all it truly takes is a good 4 hours of dancing… dancing until I am sweating!!! ¬†And I feel amazing. ¬†I am smiling within a very short period of time simply from dancing!

QUESTION: What’s your reason for dancing?

CHALLENGE: Go dancing once within the next 7 days!  Report back to me how you felt when you were done! DANCE!!!!!

Your dancing friend,

Sonya… She Idealist


Important Things #8 ~ Help others

Have you seen that commercial on TV where one person does a random act of kindness… someone see’s it, and it inspires them to do something nice for a stranger… and it keeps going & going just because a single person notices something that one other person does out of kindness? ¬†It’s a great commercial.

Have you seen the movie, “Pay It Forward”? ¬†A great movie about a kid who goes on a mission to pretty much change the world & make it a better place after a teacher gives an assignment… through random acts of kindness, with the stipulation that the person done the kindness to must pay it forward. ¬†If you haven’t seen it yet, do it TODAY!

Both of these have the same underlying theme… that kindness is contagious! ¬†I urge you all, every day this week – and at least one time today – to find at least one way to help others.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of money either! ¬†Just the other day Jace, Savannah & I were driving and saw a homeless man on the side of the road holding his sign. ¬†I have never been one to feel right handing them cash… however, I do feel the need to help in some way. ¬†So, my kids in all of their young wisdom suggested buying him food. ¬†How great are my kids?! ūüôā ¬†It’s not that we have “extra money”… we don’t… however, we have a lot more than he does, so it is a blessing easy to give away. ¬†We drove through McDonald’s right next to him, bought him a hot big mac meal and a large coke and drove back to him and my kids handed it to him. ¬†He was very thankful and put down his sign, immediately digging into the bag! ¬†Both of my children and I felt amazing. ¬†Hopefully, someone else saw that and did another random act of kindness for someone else.

QUESTION:  What simple ideas can you share to help others?

CHALLENGE: Help one person today! ¬†Do not expect anything in return, except that they in-return help someone else! ¬†Let’s spread this like wildfire today!!

ūüôā Sonya… She Idealist