Important Things #14 ~ Limit Television

Well now I don’t even know how to write this one because I haven’t had Television (cable, etc.) for over 6 years!  It has just been a choice that I made a long time ago.  Why did I choose to Limit Television for my household?  Because I got nothing done when it was on!!  haha  Hey, I know my limits & my limitations.  When I watch TV I completely ZONE OUT!!!  How many of you would admit to doing that… or to your children doing that!?  haha  Well, I am a big girl & I will admit that I do in fact zone out from any sort of reality if I am watching television.  So, to save myself from getting absolutely nothing done… I turned it off!  Do I miss it sometimes… heck yeah!  We do have television sets in our house, however they are merely hooked up to VCR’s or DVD players and are used for special family movie nights.  It definitely makes watching TV a special “experience” together instead of a drain on our time together or projects needing to get done.

CHALLENGE: Can you go an entire week without ANY television??

QUESTION: What ways have you or your family limited television to gain more family or productivity time?

Have a productive TV-less day!

Sonya… She Idealist.

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