Important Things # 17 ~ Get a good night’s sleep

Getting through these 30 “Important Things” series… I figured the best time to write this blog about how important it is to get a good night’s sleep was as I was getting ready for bedtime myself.  I noticed even today how extra slow I moved and hard it was to get motivated to do my “chores” around the house since I didn’t get a good night’s sleep last night, staying up too late chatting with my bff! haha  Getting a good night’s sleep however is far more important than merely for the benefit of not feeling tired and sluggish the next day.  I know you’ve all heard by now about how you should be getting your 8 hours of sleep per night.  Yeah…. who really gets that!?

Well, I for one try.  Then again, it is a little easier for me having children and already having to enforce “bedtime” hours early at 8-8:30pm.  I have finally given myself “routine” for the nights that I do not go to bed along with them… of doing dishes, and other tidy up the house chores and then forcing myself to bed by 10-11pm.  Like a lot of people, I am by nature a night owl, and would love to cuddle under my covers just a bit longer than the sunlight and my alarm clock allows for me to.  Sigh.

I have learned that by making “habits” out of coming up with my own night time “get ready for bed” routine, it has trained my body and mind to become tired earlier in the night and helps me to go to sleep earlier.  Which in turn helps me wake up earlier, YaY (and boo equally! haha)!  The downside?  When I do want to go out once in a while with a friend or to an evening fundraiser that goes until “past my bedtime”… I fight being tired and yawning in public far too early!  That is when a good Red Bull helps out! LOL  And, with this new habit, I cannot sleep in easily when I do finally get the chance.  Yet, even though that may be an annoyance… it is far healthier and you feel far more productive when you are up earlier and “getting things done”.  Aside from setting a regular bedtime & wake-up time, make your bedroom “sleep-friendly” by keeping it dark (put in black-out lined curtains if window light is an issue), quiet, and make sure your bed is comfortable and kept slightly cooler at sleeping times.  There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep in a hot room!  Ugh!

Eating right – and not too late at night – will also help give your body good sleep.  As well as giving your body exercise is proven to help people sleep better.  Even if you’re not one to “hit the gym” regularly, you can even do something as simple as a few deep breaths and light body stretching before bed.  You will be amazed and how much it relaxes your body, not to mention your mind!

Also, never underestimate the power of a “power nap” to make up for lost sleep.  At first it may take a while to get your body to go to sleep quickly for a 30-minute nap, however like all new habits, after a while your body will get the hint and will be able to quickly fall asleep in the middle of the day for you, and wake up alert & ready to keep going!  Another quick mid-day drowsiness fix?  Get off your tush and get your body moving for a little while.  Even if you’re in the office and have to stand up and pace for a few minutes… get your blood flowing, and your body will thank you for it, as will your mind!

Sleeping like a baby!

There are countless benefits to getting a good night’s sleep:

(Do a quick google search for “Get a good night’s sleep” and you will be surprised by the amount of research and study to support these facts.)

  • Sleep keeps your heart healthy!
  • Sleep reduces stress!
  • Sleep makes you more alert!
  • Sleep bolsters your memory!
  • Sleep may help you lose weight!
  • Naps make you smarter!
  • Sleep may reduce your risk for depression!
  • Sleep helps the body make repairs!
I wanted to share these late night “Tip for Good Sleep” copied from the National Sleep Foundation: (This & more information can be found on their website


  • Avoid caffeine (coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate) and nicotine (cigarettes, tobacco products) close to bedtime.
  • Avoid alcohol as it can lead to disrupted sleep.
  • Exercise regularly, but complete your workout at least 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Establish a regular relaxing, not alerting, bedtime routine (e.g. taking a bath or relaxing in a hot tub).
  • Create a sleep-conducive environment that is dark, quiet and preferably cool and comfortable.
QUESTION:  What is one of your quirkiest bedtime routines??
CHALLENGE: Can you set yourself a “bedtime” every night this week and work on keeping it?  Or can you work on establishing a regular nightly bedtime routine to get your body & mind ready and willing for sleep?
And now, I say “Good night” to you all!  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………….
Sonya… She Idealist.

Important Things # 16 ~ Lighten up

When this world is oh so heavy… it is so very important to learn to lighten up in order not to get depressed, overly anxious, and/or too stressed out in the midst of the heaviness.  Sometimes it IS important to be that weird person who talks to them-self… just to keep sane.  LOL  I know how odd this sounds, even as I type it, I do.  Yet, with the massive attacks I have even in my personal life, the extreme circumstances that seem unending, the emotional toil that attempts to come back each day, I have had to learn how to keep a light spirit.  This unnatural response at hope is not always the easiest to come by, even for me.  However, I want to let you know that it can be learned and perfected more and more every day.

One day recently, a certain horrific incident (which will remain anonymous) occurred and again I was tempted to scream out in tears and fall down in worry and anxiety.  I had to take a very deep breath in… let it sit inside  my chest for a moment… slowly exhale… and pause my mind to remember that GOD IS STILL GOD!!!  Guess what people, it rains on the just and the unjust.  We do not and will not always understand why things happen.  Once you let go of the effort try to stay in control of every area of your life, and allow God to take control, and honestly admit that “no matter what, Lord, I will follow you.”  Again – NO MATTER WHAT.  This is huge & very hard.  There is a reason why it is said that the road is narrow and not meant to be easy.  Like every life success coach will say about great successful businessmen, the only ones who truly succeed and gain financial business success have endured a road and trip that most “average” and “ordinary” people don’t bother to place the amount of effort to do.  That makes all the difference with successful and unsuccessful people… effort to do the things that others won’t do.  Well, it’s the same in your personal spiritual life…. which is where true inner happiness comes from.  Once you realize that, you will notice that those worries really really do lift off of your shoulders more.

If I actually told you all what all I actually dealt with in my life from beginning until today – you wouldn’t believe me.  And how in the world I make it through so many of my days is ONLY BECAUSE OF GOD!!!  I will always be the first to tell the world that there is NO WAY that I could have made it through on my own.  One day, I want to sit down and work on making a list of every trial and heartache, and list how it was solved… so many times it was as miraculous as “manna falling down from heaven.”

Let me share one generic Bible story that has helped keep me from complaining recently:

It is the story of the Moses and God’s people having to wander in the desert for 40 years (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy) – those people were miraculously fed manna (bread) which literally fell out of the heavens (sky).  They were guided with fire by night and protected from the desert’s heat with clouds during the day.  Yet, they grumbled and complained everyday about “having to eat manna AGAIN!”  Really?!  How often are we like this!?!?  Have you ever been without what you WANT, and God is somehow providing your NEEDS – remember we need less than we think – and still we complain??  God promised to provide our NEEDS!!!!  Not our wants… those are extra blessings, and if you have those ALSO, then I hope you are giving your thanks for having more than even your needs met.  Okay – back to the story. LOL  What else happened in this story?  Well, they finally reached the “promised land” and what happened?  They sent 12 spies in – 10 out of the 12 spies saw it as “too much for the to conquer”, only 2 of the 12 said, “we got this!  God is on our side!”  Well, the crowd went with the majority… as crowds tend to do.  The result was that as a consequence to their grumbling, complaining and lack of faith the Lord said that all the people counted in the census will die in the desert except Caleb and Joshua—they will enter the land.  So the people wound up wandering in the desert for 40 years.  This story gave me enough of a healthy “fear of the Lord” in the recent years that I have made sure to count EVERY blessing and every Top Ramen meal that I have the ability to eat when I am at those points, and for gourmet meals when those days present themselves as well.  The thing is… once I started forcing myself to think of every blessing, and give every thanksgiving verbal thanks to God everyday… it does 2 things.  1) It makes for long night-time prayers!!  2) It makes for less stress, as your mindset is so strongly aware of God’s presence, provision, and protection in your life that you cannot help but trust Him.

CHALLENGE: Can you take the time and make the effort to count every blessing – as little as food, clothing, housing – as large as you can think – tonight?


In Thanksgiving,

Sonya… She Idealist.


She Idealist – Blog on FB


I may have deleted my personal life’s FB page, however I decided to keep She Idealist alive, for this blogs’ sake.  So… She Idealist has her own FB page now – She Idealist on FB.  You are free to add this page to your friends list and keep up with my idealistic blog!

I want to make sure you know that I plan to keep on spreading “good” and helping others find their happy!  Have to keep that part open. 🙂 🙂

Sonya… She Idealist.


Where did I go???

This is a short message for all of my FB, Twitter, etc. friends.  In case you think you have been blocked… you have not.  I have deleted my personal public pages.  I am not sure if they will be going back up or not ever… at least not for a long time.  I am at a point where I need my personal life NOT to be public.  In the same resononing as to why I turned off my TV 7 years ago because I knew my self-control wouldn’t allow me to not watch it all the time if I had it; I decided to simply turn off my personal public pages to keep me from being able to post.  I know my weaknesses, and social networking is one of them!!! HAHAHA

So, just so you know, and just in case you come looking for me here:  I am still alive.


Professionally publicly yours,

Sonya… She Idealist.