Important Things # 17 ~ Get a good night’s sleep

Getting through these 30 "Important Things" series... I figured the best time to write this blog about how important it is to get a good night's sleep was as I was getting ready for bedtime myself.  I noticed even today how extra slow I moved and hard it was to get motivated to do my "chores" … Continue reading Important Things # 17 ~ Get a good night’s sleep

Important Things # 16 ~ Lighten up

When this world is oh so heavy... it is so very important to learn to lighten up in order not to get depressed, overly anxious, and/or too stressed out in the midst of the heaviness.  Sometimes it IS important to be that weird person who talks to them-self... just to keep sane.  LOL  I know how odd this … Continue reading Important Things # 16 ~ Lighten up