When you don’t think you can go on…

…you do. Everyone struggles with “their own stuff”. Some of us, feel as if we are given a load to carry far more than anyone twice our size could possibly carry for even one day without collapsing, yet somehow… yes somehow, we go on. Every day has it’s hills. Great news about hills is this: every single hill that has an incline… has a downhill too! So, the steeper the hills’ climb that you are enduring, the faster & more thrilling that downhill ride will be once you have reached the top. Some hills seem more like unending mountains with unatainable peaks. Others are graciously sloping and are rolled passed as smoothly as if you were coasting over them in your car.

Know that no matter what you are going through… it will one day pass.

I am praying for you. Even if I do not know you, I am praying for everyone. God has you in His hands… always. You will be alright… it is okay to cry… it is okay to hurt. I know it doesn’t make it easier. The Psalmist wrote in Psalms 23 “…though I walk through the valley…” which tells us that we all WILL walk through that valley which seems as horrible as the shadow of death to us. However, He promises to be with you through it.

Close your eyes. Take a slow deep cleansing breath in, through your nose. And now open your eyes and let that breath out through your mouth and smile. 🙂 Do this three (3) times when you need to calm down. Oh, and here’s a trick; when you can’t seem to stop crying… drink water. You can’t cry & drink water at the same time very well.  LOL I tell that to my children all the time, and have had to use it on myself as well. It works… as silly as it sounds. 🙂

I pray you all have a blessed & wonderful day!

Your friend,
Sonya… She Idealist.