What do you do in a “funk” mood?

I am taking a side-step from my normal posts to “just blog” for a moment.  Do you ever have an awkward “funk” that creeps into your day?  I had one right this very evening.  So, I decided to stop it in it’s tracks toward me and instead re quote to myself my answer to this question: What do you do in a “funk” mood?

Mine – this evening – wasn’t really due to anything in particular.  Well, I retract that… if I am to be completely 100% transparent… I am sitting in my house alone and well… it’s just too quiet.  Do you ever feel that way?  When my children are at their father’s house, this house doesn’t feel like a home anymore.  My normal response is to stay extremely busy with projects for work, or around my house painting or building something or organizing something, and thankfully I have a small inner-circle of a few very close friends that I can either talk on the phone with or hang out with.  I am not a bit “going out” gal, as it’s just not super fun for me.  I would much rather have friends over to my house for dinner… and well, I do try and do that at least once a month.  (And yes, they are normally themed events… that’s just how I roll! HAHA)  I had great plans tonight of finishing painting a bedroom that I am putting in beautiful champagne and camel colored stripes, however instead I decided to simply relax for a little bit.  Those quiet moments when you are ‘alone with your thoughts’ are when it’s easiest for negativity to attempt to creep in.  Don’t let it!!!  Gaining power over your thoughts is doable.  I know I have recently talked about this in another blog.  I suppose the main purpose of this random blog post is to let you know that yes, I am human.  I have moments of “funk” moods just like everyone else.  The difference is that as soon as it happens, I get rid of it!  If one attempt doesn’t work… change your attempt.  Guess what, it’s YOUR mind.  You own it.  So… own it!!!

What other things do I do to get rid of a “funk” mood?  Right now, I’m blogging, and it’s gone because I my mind on this instead.  On that note: for those of you whom have never written in a journal (or a very public form of that… a blog), it’s very uplifting.  It releases so much of your worries as soon as you place them onto the pages of your journal, or type them into your computer.  Besides that what do I do?  Exercise.  I love Pilates.  Oh, and my Wii gets some of my attention… it’s active, and I love all things active.  If it were beautiful outside, or I was still in California, I would be outside right now.  Oh how the outdoors make me feel better.  There’s a lake right by my house with trails that get a lot of my time during great weather.  I love a good conversation as well… sometimes I simply pick up my phone or text or IM (hey, it’s 2012) and have a good chat with a friend.

What about you?  I am curious… what do you do in a “funk” mood?

Already out of my “funk” mood!

Sonya… She Idealist.

2 thoughts on “What do you do in a “funk” mood?

  1. I know how you feel. I played the single parent role that would normally be the mom. My son went to his mom’s on weekends. I did the work of parenting and she got to have fun. I would try to fill the void with projects, parties, etc.. But that emptiness was always there.
    My answer to the question? Margaritas, of course…

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