I have neglected you…

Wow… I cannot believe it has been so long since I have posted.  I am so very sorry for going MIA for so long!  My “life” just got insanely busy and hectic and I allowed it to simply overtake my time.  So any free time that I had, I was either playing with my children, or attempting to catch up on sleep (of which I am still not caught up on yet!).  I thought about needing to write, and wanting to write, and knowing exactly what posts i need and want to write about…. yet, I never set apart the time to do it.

So, please… accept my sincere apology for dropping the ball on my blog writing.  I am here though.  Just in case you have been wondering.  🙂

And, I am back.  I will write a “real blog” very shortly!

p.s. I DID however, have this promotional image shot, which is probably the one image which captures ME more than any other I have had taken in a very long time!  🙂

Sonya... She Idealist
Sonya… She Idealist


Sonya… She Idealist.  😀