Lifting the weight of life…

The weight of life… of knowing you can’t stop… you can’t give up… because you know others are holding onto your strength. Is very heavy.

Any time you lift heavy weights daily, your muscles grow. You get stronger than you were the month before. Then the next time you lift, more weight has been added onto what was already there before, to keep you growing.  It’s hard.  It’s painful.  Sometimes you’ll even get injured, and yes, it is even possible to hit a physical stopping point momentarily, it can even put you literally in the hospital if you haven’t been keeping up with the proper way to lift the weights of life.  But the human body is an amazing thing!  It heals.  Your body heals itself enough to allow you to pick up weights again, and continue on the process.  (Sometimes, starting over from small 5lb weights and retraining your body from the beginning.)

Once you have been lifting weights long enough you get skilled at it.  Skilled enough that when you see someone lifting nearby and their form is completely wrong; so wrong that they could truly hurt themselves if they lift too heavily like that.  You know what I mean, we’ve all been in that spot of not knowing, some of us are still there in many areas!  So it’s your choice… do you just stand by and watch them lifting, assuming they will figure out how to lift well enough over time on their own? Or do you step in, politely, and offer to help show them… “mentor” them… in how to lift it properly?  We will all get to a point in life when we will have others perhaps follow us, ask us, watch us, lean on us for advice. That my friends is an even heavier weight to lift.  Yet, how could you not?!  Yet again, if you do, please only teach what you know!  Do not act arrogant and attempt to show someone how to deadlift if you yourself are only skilled at dumbells!  Teach what you know well… no more.  And never ever stop learning yourself and seeking out mentors and teachers for those weights which you still are not as skilled with as well.

We all need help with some area in our lives; a weight we still struggle lifting.  I do.  And when you ignore those who are attempting to assist show you how to lift a weight, you are  not only hurting yourself, you are also taking away their opportunity to be a teacher, to give, to help, to bless.  Do you remember the saying so many of us were told when we were in middle school; “The best way to learn, is to teach.”  So, when you don’t allow someone to teach you something they have learned, you are stunting their continued growth as well.

Back in the gym I go,

Sonya… She Idealist