Think of a moment you would like to create today! Not only should you plan on it, think on it, and make a step towards the making of that moment… you should also ensure that you do not lose the opportunity to make that moment!  I wish more people lived by this moto: COLLECT MOMENTS NOT THINGS!  


Moments are the things that this life is made of.  Every part of your day is an opportunity for a moment of some kind.  Even when you are busy working at your office, you have an opportunity to create a moment even if only by simply smiling and saying hello to those you pass by during your day…. this holds true as you walk through stores.  Even if you are spending your day with your children, you have an opportunity to create a moment by things as simple as singing to them or making a game out of a chore or pausing your normal routine to go outside for a walk.  Even if you are simply running errands with your children in the car, you have an opportunity to create a moment by doing something as silly as playing one of those car travel games (my kids & I love the alphabet game [you have to find words as you’re driving which begin with each letter of the alphabet… in order] for one example) or just make them actually look out the windows and point out shapes in the clouds!

We are around people constantly in our lives.  Let’s not get so caught up in just getting through our days and our lives, and create a lifetime of moments!  Those are what you will remember and what you will be remembered for.

Don’t miss out on moments!  Make them happen!!!

PS – Your attitude can be changed by YOU at any moment in your day.  CHOOSE a good attitude.  And BE the creator of moments for yourself and those all around you.  Even if you feel that others should be the ones making moments happen… why miss out on them by waiting on someone else to come through for you.  YOU be the creator of your moments!!!!!  (Maybe others just don’t know how to do that… show them.  Maybe just maybe, they’ll follow suit!)

Off to create and collect moments…

Sonya… She Idealist