Why do I live my life publicly?

Why do I live my life publicly?

Ever since I can remember, as early as being a school aged kid, I can remember sitting in my classrooms and hearing others talking amongst themselves with questions of things they didn’t understand or didn’t know the answers to or didn’t agree with, but were too embarrassed or scared to say out loud. I would immediately raise my hand and voice the question or concern, as if it was my own, just to help them. Because I have never been afraid of speaking up. I have never been afraid of looking foolish publicly. Or of people talking about me.

I was just born with a much thicker layer of skin than most people I suppose when it comes to this arena. And with this realization, I have always felt it my purpose or calling if you will to speak out for those who cannot. Because I can.

This blog, my FB page, my life…. are all platforms I have to help others. What I have is my voice and an audience bigger than most peoples. So why would I not do what I am able to do?!

For the 3 people who have questioned or disagreed with this part of me before, there are multitudes for each of those 3 who send me messages thanking me for what I do. Letting me know it helps so much. Asking me to please continue.

If I am going through something, have a thought about something, witness something noteworthy in life….. then someone else somewhere else has as well. And someone is feeling alone in their emotions and struggles and life happenings. If my vulnerable transparency helps them, then I have done what I was meant to do. Help others with the gifts and talents given me.

I will not apologize for this part of my life. It has been here since I was a young girl. It will remain as long as I have a platform and a voice to make a difference in people’s lives.

Transparently yours,

Sonya… She Idealist



I wrote this blog and wee hours of the morning after late phone call and being questioned about this part of my life. I then put down my iPhone until today so that I would have time to spellcheck before publishing. Then… My phone rang at 8 o’clock this morning by a girl many miles away that I haven’t spoken to in years, because she saw my most recent emotionally transparent FB post. Thanking me for posting. Going through something that was in need of the exact words. We talked for over an hour and I am so thankful for her and her heart.

It was wonderful to receive confirmation within hours of being questioned for this part of my life!

Sonya… She Idealist.

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