Feminists will hate me – Part 2 is a site that I normally enjoy seeing posts from popping up on my Facebook news feed. However today I saw a post titled, “Watch The Disney Princesses Realize All The Cool Things They Gave Up In The Name Of ‘True Love'” by writer, Rebecca Eisenberg (, who is a self-described “feminist…hoping to make the world a better place.”

She posts a YouTube video (shown below) with this write-up intro:

“If you’ve seen “Frozen,” then you know Queen Elsa has no patience for the notion of “love at first sight.” First, she wouldn’t let her Princess Anna marry a man she had just met — who (spoiler alert!) turned out to be evil — and now she’s retroactively bringing the same wisdom to the rest of the Disney princesses.  I don’t know about you, but I’ll be singing this for weeks.”

Reading, then watching this, made me overly irritated and then purely disgusted.  I agree in the basic concepts of feminism as it is written in the dictionary which reads, “feminism: the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” ( However, what part of “equal rights” is a woman saying that she doesn’t need a man, and how does this statement mean that you are all of a sudden a better woman by not needing men.  When did equality mean not needing each other or that by having a man-woman relationship you are somehow not a great woman?

I am highly confused, frustrated, bothered and disgusted by this frame of mind women are attempting to push down girls’ throats.  Why is having another woman around 100% better than having a man around?  Why is having a man around somehow making you less a woman or unable to achieve things in life?  Why are you not able to be an empowered strong life-living woman because you fall in love or become in a relationship or married or even, gasp, have children?

How dare you, a society filled with egotistical insecure women, push on other women and young girls the mentality that they are better alone! How dare you find every way imaginable to tear apart the core that is a family and try to make it sound cooler to be single than a team! Don’t you know that MORE can be accomplished in life with a partner?! Don’t you know that men and women both have their strengths and weakness different from each other just in the fact that they are born male or female? Why not push the fact that we can work together – whether it be by friendship, by partnership, by love and marriage, or whatever pairing you would like to call it – and actually teach empowerment of teamwork?! If you really want equality, that comes with the Yin & the Yang, aka the man & the woman, becoming one complete unit and in doing so pulling from each others’ unique birthed strengths to do more in life than we can alone.

Why not teach men and women how to respect each other and treat each other as equals.  Not this stupid method of saying equality is somehow the same as saying “I don’t need you, and even more I am better without you!” I pray that my daughter doesn’t soak up the junk you are attempting to feed into this world.

This is NOT the way you make the world a better place Ms. Eisenberg.  This is not the type of story you should be publishing UpWorthy.  Please, feel free to contact me if you should have any questions as to what really would make this world a better place.

Disgusted… She Idealist.