The Power of I’m Sorry

ThePowerOfImSorryI’m Sorry.

No but’s… no and’s… no however’s… no additions of any kind.  When you just get to a point that it doesn’t matter if you don’t win your part of the fight, and the relationship is finally more important than the issue, you will then realize that your pride and principal point are not as important as you thought they were.  Especially if you are in the wrong and these words are quite needed to be said, yet even if you are right about your stance and you feel the other person should be apologizing … it is more than okay to just simply say “I’m Sorry” for any part you played in this scenario.

The power of I’m Sorry is great.  The power of staying silent after saying I’m sorry and not adding any point to be made after is even greater.  To prove to the other person that you truly genuinely are sorry for your part, is worth pushing aside your pride.  What power does it have you ask? I’m glad you asked… because the power it has is great!  It has the power to break barriers that have been built up in the argument.  It has the power to soften hearts that have been hardened with pride and anger.  It has the power to heal relationships.  It has the power to bring people back together.

This is a simple and short post to share this seed of wisdom that I have finally matured enough to speak this with full confidence to you, in the power of I’m sorry.

Drop your swords.  Drop your pride.  Simply say I’m Sorry, and mean it.  (Even if you are apologizing for just one word you said wrong, and you think the other person is more in the wrong… find something you ARE genuinely sorry about, so that your apology is pure and honest. Sincerity here is key.)


I love you all.

Sonya… She Idealist.


By Sonya Mae

I am a very unique breed of person. If you ask my mother, she would say that I am a very old spirit who should have been born in the 40's or 50's. I love old womens' fashion...when women dressed like women! If you ask my daddy, he would say I am the biggest dressed up tom-boy he knows, who is way too into cars and climbing trees! I was a ballet dancer and choreography major in college until 20yrs old when I retired due to a neck injury. Besides still dancing through ballroom, latin & swing styles, my current passions are cars (seriously...I took 4 yrs of auto shop, and drool at the sound of a loud engine rumble!), fashion & interior design, and creating moments that last!

I love helping people find their strengths! Finding their happiness and their smile! (Everyone looks amazing when they smile!) I love showing people how to be genuinely happy by simply changing their mindsets and attitudes. I do these things in as many ways as I can, using many mediums. As well showing people how they too can do something they may not have thought they could. there's a will, there's a way!

I am a mother of two (2) amazing children, who make my life beyond blessed, and I always do my best for them. I love to spend as much time with them as I can and want them always to be learning... I am very proud of them! And, GOD comes first & foremost in my life!!!

I am...
Sonya Mae aka SheIdealist

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