Don’t be that guy / girl!

I am in sad thought with the amount of people that do things to hurt others. And I am not even necessarily referring to the recent killings. However those are appalling! I am referring to those in our everyday lives. People who stalk your pages just to see what they can use against you. People that falsely call themselves your friends yet do wrong against you behind your back. People who find pleasure spreading gossip of partial truth or twisted storied filled with lies about others. People that spend so much of their days obsessed with and fueled by hate and stirring up strife on purpose. I don’t even get it. It is so beyond my comprehension how someone can live this kind of life. Why can you not seek peace? Why is it so hard to just be a good person in your daily actions instead of just falsely a good person. Or just selectively a good person only to those you “feel” deserve it?? Are you God?! Are you able to decide who deserves respect or love or kindness??? 

Life is hard enough on its own. People who intentionally make others’ lives harder are the worst. I do my best to NEVER return evil for evil or speak badly against those who speak badly against me. I am guilty of being human as are all of you; of losing my cool collected composure after someone continuously does wrong to me and I do finally stand my ground against them for my own respect and to be treated decently. And I’ve not always done so with the best politeness or kindness. At times, I have even raised my voice. Even yelled when provoked beyond my tipping point. But to do these things once in a while if provoked is not horrible. It’s human. Being able to communicate respectfully as much as possible is mature. And we can all always be improving in this area. However….to sin against someone just because they do to you is not okay. Bad actions are never justifiable. Ever. It is not okay to be bad to someone in the first place. Do not provoke others to anger. Do not do wrongs to someone else. And again, it is not okay to return bad to someone who was bad to you either. 

I pray we all learn to have more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and self-control! Imagine how much better the world would be!!! God bless us all and help make each of us like this. 

No one is perfect. And everyone makes mistakes. A mistake is something that occurs only from time to time and the person picks them self back up and goes back to a good proper course. And I am not referring to someone who is simply human and gives into their negative thoughts or emotions momentarily in their lives. 

What I am referring to are those people who make repeated daily actions, which are NOT a mistake. Those are a conscious deliberate choice and doing so in any bad way – hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfishness, dissensions, envy, gossip, drunkenness, and the like – is just absolutely NOT okay and does not in any way make you a good person. Like at all!

Don’t be that guy / girl!!! 

By Sonya Mae

I am a very unique breed of person. If you ask my mother, she would say that I am a very old spirit who should have been born in the 40's or 50's. I love old womens' fashion...when women dressed like women! If you ask my daddy, he would say I am the biggest dressed up tom-boy he knows, who is way too into cars and climbing trees! I was a ballet dancer and choreography major in college until 20yrs old when I retired due to a neck injury. Besides still dancing through ballroom, latin & swing styles, my current passions are cars (seriously...I took 4 yrs of auto shop, and drool at the sound of a loud engine rumble!), fashion & interior design, and creating moments that last!

I love helping people find their strengths! Finding their happiness and their smile! (Everyone looks amazing when they smile!) I love showing people how to be genuinely happy by simply changing their mindsets and attitudes. I do these things in as many ways as I can, using many mediums. As well showing people how they too can do something they may not have thought they could. there's a will, there's a way!

I am a mother of two (2) amazing children, who make my life beyond blessed, and I always do my best for them. I love to spend as much time with them as I can and want them always to be learning... I am very proud of them! And, GOD comes first & foremost in my life!!!

I am...
Sonya Mae aka SheIdealist

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