Getting Back On Your Path

I’ve been gone from writing on this blog for a long time… almost 2 years.  A lot has happened in my life & my family’s life in that timeframe.  My son got diagnosed with brain cancer 2 years ago (February 2016).  He was rushed suddenly into emergency brain surgery then endured months and months of radiation and chemotherapy, and then a year of intensive physical rehabilitation, relearning how to do everything from walking, talking, eating… everything.  I had just recently gotten remarried less than a year before that (March 2015), after being a single mom for over a decade, and that ended horribly shortly after my son’s diagnosis.  I quit my fashion design company – that I left my corporate fashion executive job to launch and was in a great growth mode – instantly & completely sending all of my employees home in order to be with my son at his hospital bedside daily, then at each doctor visit and every physical rehabilitation appointment for the next year.  It has been a very long road.  However, I am beyond ecstatic to report that we now say REMISSION and my son is doing extremely well!!! 😀


The day we both shaved our heads during chemotherapy.



January 2018 ~ Healthy family!!!


Last month (February 2018) we finalized on the sale of our home that we had bought in the new marriage, and that was the final piece for closing that short chapter in our life.  My sons battle with brain cancer, plus the very new marriage ending so unfortunately so, and the house that we had made into our home now sold, all together was a bit overwhelming for me.  I know, I know anyone can understand that… but I guess I always thought of myself being SO strong that I could handle anything and keep going and helping others.  I found that to be wrong. This was my limit.  The kryptonite to finally weaken my superwoman powers down.

This girl, who has been known since a young age, to be the one to build up everyone around her and bring others up to higher levels in their lives was not able to bring herself up for once.  I cocooned myself into work and it became hard to be who I knew myself to be.  For once in my life, I understood what it was like to battle being depressed.

I have been raised with Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, and all of the great motivational and life inspirational leaders.  I know all the things to say and do and tools to utilize to help myself and others.  But for the first time in my life, I simply was tired of fighting.  I was tired of life being so hard emotionally and mentally.

Have you ever been there?

It was a very hard timeframe for me.  And for my family.  I am using “was” because it is not anymore.  I had been trying to figure out how to get back on my path.  That these two years kicked me off of.

Today I was clicking through Instagram Stories of some leaders that I follow and swiped up to listen to a podcast with Ed Mylett & Tim Story.  It was the absolute perfect piece for me to hear to get my mind and heart fully clicked into the right space to reenergize myself on my path.  I want to share it with you as well.

Here is a link to the Podcast:
ED MYLETT SHOW – “How to make a comeback”


I had to share my ‘getting off my path’ story with you all, to encourage you not to give up either.  Taking a break to get yourself healthy is okay and needed.  I had to learn that over these two years.  To take care of myself more importantly in order to take care of everyone else around me.  Here’s the key: Even if it takes you longer to get back up when you’re pushed down by life sometimes… like it did for me these past 2 years… getting back up again period is all that matters.  Now get back up & get back on your life path!

During this rebuilding timeframe in my life, I have also met some of the most amazing people and connections that have definitely been God placed into my life ‘for such a time as this.’  I have known for many years what my personal path is meant to be.  However, I know this will sound crazy coming from me – for those of you who have known me for long – but this is the ONLY thing in life that I have been scared of doing.  Sounds crazy because I’m not really scared of doing anything.  I don’t really struggle with self-confidence issues (with the exception of being pretty self-conscious about my hair regrowth phases after shaving my head with my son through his chemotherapy).  And those that know me, also know that I’m not shy… I’m the girl to stand up and ask questions for those that are too shy to do so for themselves.  So for me to feel “not ready” to do what it is I know I should be doing, is uncanny.

Can you relate to that?

So let me rephrase why I am writing this.  I am not only is this to encourage you… it is to encourage myself and hold myself accountable to get on my right path.  Want to know what that path is?  Well, you’ll have to wait for my post that reveals it! 😉 hehe


Don’t worry, we will talk again soon… It’s nice to be back. 🙂

Sonya Mae… She Idealist


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