Take the step forward…

There is a lot to be said in life about taking the step or steps forward, even when you do not know where the path will lead.  The unknowns, for most, are scary nervous places filled with worry and fear.  However, if you can only learn to change your mindset and think of the wondrous possibilities and options that could also lie ahead, you may learn to love the unknowns in your life.

I am at this point, yet again in my life.  A path that I have wanted to go down for many years, and yet the only one I have been nervous to forge… is being stepped into.  I have known of a calling on my life since I was a young 16-year-old girl.   A platform I would build and have to make a stance that would be widely popular, yet also widely unpopular.  Things would transpire in my life that would give me more wisdom than a woman should require.  More experience than a girl should need, allowing for a greater empathy and understanding for so many more than could have been imagined.

You know, my daughter used to asked me ‘why’ things happen in life.  Why does God allow certain things to happen?  That is always a hard question to answer from a mum.  However, once I learned how many more people I could reach AFTER going through each trauma, each hardship, each brokenness, I learned that maybe… just maybe God puts some of His people through these things to be able to reach that many more.  And my daughter, being just as strong as her mum, stopped and pondered that and agreed with a soft-hearted smile of wisdom beyond her years.

I started this blog in December of 2010 just 6 months after a major travesty in my family.  For 4 years I wrote in it regularly, then it dwindled off some.  And then LIFE hit my family with a curveball, yet again… and that lasted for several years.  But on the other side of the hill, there is a new rekindling of the same fire that started this.  Yet, this time with a stronger and greater push and purpose.

This will no longer be just a blog.  And it will no longer be just me doing this.  There is a team lining up, and greater things on the horizon.  Some things will change.  However, the mission and purpose remain the same.  This time, however, on a grander scale and a proper platform.

So, I look forward to seeing you all again soon!  Keep your eyes and ears tuned in!!

Coming soon!

Sonya Mae… She Idealist

By Sonya Mae

I am a very unique breed of person. If you ask my mother, she would say that I am a very old spirit who should have been born in the 40's or 50's. I love old womens' fashion...when women dressed like women! If you ask my daddy, he would say I am the biggest dressed up tom-boy he knows, who is way too into cars and climbing trees! I was a ballet dancer and choreography major in college until 20yrs old when I retired due to a neck injury. Besides still dancing through ballroom, latin & swing styles, my current passions are cars (seriously...I took 4 yrs of auto shop, and drool at the sound of a loud engine rumble!), fashion & interior design, and creating moments that last!

I love helping people find their strengths! Finding their happiness and their smile! (Everyone looks amazing when they smile!) I love showing people how to be genuinely happy by simply changing their mindsets and attitudes. I do these things in as many ways as I can, using many mediums. As well showing people how they too can do something they may not have thought they could. there's a will, there's a way!

I am a mother of two (2) amazing children, who make my life beyond blessed, and I always do my best for them. I love to spend as much time with them as I can and want them always to be learning... I am very proud of them! And, GOD comes first & foremost in my life!!!

I am...
Sonya Mae aka SheIdealist

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